What To Look For When Buying A Used Car

Do you need to buy a car but don't want to spend top dollar on a new car? You'll likely be looking into used vehicles to help save some money. However, a used vehicle comes with a lot of concerns about what you are buying, since you typically cannot return a used vehicle if you find something wrong with it later on. Here are some things to look for when buying a used vehicle.

Check The Engine

You want to start by checking the engine by just driving around the city for 5 to 10 minutes normally. If there are any glaring problems, they will become apparent in these first few minutes. You'll then want to head onto the highway after the engine has been warmed up. 

Give the engine a test with some hard acceleration while you get up to the proper speed. Does the engine hesitate when it is changing gears? Does it accelerate smoothly? Is the vehicle shaking at all? Does the cruise control work at maintaining the vehicle's speed? These are all things that you want to closely look at.

Check The Brakes

It's also a good idea to give the brakes a proper test to see if they are working properly. You can do this by going to a large and empty parking lot, such as a local mall near the back where there are no vehicles. You should try regular and hard braking, paying attention to how the car brakes and if there are odd noises and pulling. 

You can also try activating the anti-lock braking system. You want to feel the brakes pumping, and see that the vehicle will stay in a straight position as it comes to a complete stop. Also, make sure that hard braking doesn't trigger any dashboard lights as well. 

Check The Suspension

There are several ways that you can check the vehicle's suspension. Try going over bumps to see how the vehicle reacts. If the suspension system is good, the car is going to level out very quickly. If the suspension is bad, you are likely going to feel the vehicle sway back and forth or take a long time to balance itself. A bad suspension can also produce knocking sounds when you go over bumps as well. 

With these tips in mind, you should be able to find a used car that is going to run well after you purchase it.