Three Benefits Of A Stepside Pickup Truck

When you're shopping for a truck at a dealership that carries a vast array of pickup trucks, you'll want to note the body style of each vehicle you assess. It's common to see some pickup trucks that have what is known as a stepside design. This term means that there's a step on each side of the bed, typically between the cab and the rear tire. If you haven't previously owned a stepside pickup truck, it's worthwhile to consider the merits of this design. Here are some benefits that you'll experience with this type of vehicle.

Easy Bed Access

If you expect that you'll be climbing in and out of the bed of your pickup truck on numerous occasions — perhaps because you plan to use the vehicle for your job or for some recreational activity — the stepside design will come in handy. Instead of you having to always move to the rear of the vehicle, lower the tailgate, and climb up into the bed, you can simply use the step on the side of the truck to help you get into the bed. This process will be quick and convenient, which you'll especially appreciate if you're doing it several times a day.

Sporty Look

Although there are several factors that can help to give a pickup truck a sleek and sporty appearance, many people find that the stepside design adds style. Instead of the side of the truck being flat, it swoops inward to offer a unique design. Even though the step is primarily about function, you may find that when you compare this style to a conventional pickup truck side, you find the former to look more sporty. This can make this style appealing even if you don't plan to climb in and out of the bed very much.

Compact Bed

While there are certainly some truck owners who want the bed of the vehicle to be as large as possible, this isn't the case for everyone. A smaller bed can have its advantages, and trucks with a stepside design typically have a bed slightly narrower than other trucks of comparable size. During times when you don't want to climb into the bed of the truck, a narrower bed will make it easy for you to grab what's in the bed. With a wider bed, it's not always possible to reach things in the center of the bed. Visit a truck dealership to check out its inventory of stepside pickup trucks.

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