Extended Warranties–Should You Buy One Or Not?

There's a lot of common tips that people spread about looking at cars for sale. For example, you might have heard that you should never discuss the monthly payment on your new car until you've agreed on a price. You've also probably heard that you should never take the dealer's first offer on your trade-in. These tips are often founded in reality, but they tend to lose their value in many situations. Read More 

Refuting Two Misconceptions Concerning Buying Used Cars

If you are in the market for a car, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the variety of choices and options available. In particular, many people find that they believe some common myths about buying used cars that can further complicate this process. After you have the following couple of misconceptions dispelled, you should find you are much better prepared to navigate the process of buying a car. Myth: A Used Car Will Be Always Unreliable Read More 

Clear Signs That Mean It’s Time For Brake Repairs

Have you been driving for a couple of years without getting any sort of brake maintenance? If so, then there is a good chance that your brakes are actually damaged, which can cause costly and major repairs to your braking system. A great way to tell when your car needs new brakes is to: Listen For Squeaking Noises Noise from your braking system is a common and easy indicator that informs you that your brake pads are too thin. Read More 

How to Make Your Own Hard Top Hoist

If you are a Jeep owner, you probably know it can be a little difficult to take the hard top off of your Jeep all by yourself. You most likely need a friend or two to give you a hand, which can become a pain. There is a way to take the top off all by yourself using a hoist that you can make with just a handful of materials. Here are instructions on how to make your own hard top hoist for your Jeep. Read More 

Subaru & You: A Simple Guide To Maintain Your Vehicle

Purchasing your Subaru probably had something to do with its impressive reliability, or perhaps you just thought it looked cool. But--just like any other car--the Subaru needs a little attention so that it can work up to its fullest potential. The following guide will help you take care your vehicle.  Basic Subaru Recommendations The following recommendations do vary from vehicle to vehicle, so make sure you talk to your Subaru specialist about your specific needs: Read More