2 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Used Car Or Truck For Your College Student

During the long summer days, many parents are shopping for the right used car or truck for their college students. If your son or daughter is looking forward to moving away from home, starting college and a new life of independence, the vehicle with which they plan to do so is usually very important to them. Unfortunately, the vehicle you have in mind is often not the same one they want and therefore, it is a good idea to discuss with your son or daughter how the vehicle will be used and how the expenses for the used car or truck will be met.    

By doing so, you're likely to find that the entire experience is easier for everyone involved. 

What Financial Contribution, If Any, Does Your Child Expect To Make Towards The Expenses?

If your college student has a job lined up or has savings from a high-school job, you may feel that they should have more of a say in what is spent on their vehicle. If they will help with the expenses of the vehicle, they probably have a few ideas about the vehicle they would like to be seen in. 

Unfortunately, they may be unaware of the many expenses of a car, even a used car that you pay cash for. Insurance, gas, maintenance, registration, inspection and parking fees for the college quickly add up. Simply take the time to address the full cost of a vehicle, including the need to pay a deductible if necessary due to theft or loss, and help them determine the right choice. With luck, their intelligence and the good sense that you raised them with will veer them toward a used vehicle that makes sense to you as well.     

How Will The Vehicle Be Used?

If your college student is spending some time at the local college before going to a university or will be at the local school in a dorm, his or her need for transportation could be very different from the college student driving six states away and driving home for the holidays. Even details like the predicted climate of an area should be considered. 

The California resident that goes to the University of Minnesota may need a bigger vehicle and different tires than if she or he stays in their home state for college. In that instance, a used truck might be the better choice. However, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles are also not the best or only options for safely navigating an icy or snowy area and are often wrongly depended on for a fast stop.

Instead, make sure they remember the basics of driving and that any vehicle they drive has the essentials for first aid—both for the car in case of a malfunction and themselves, in case of an injury. Although the use of a vehicle is crucial when choosing the right vehicle to purchase, a responsible driver is even more so. 

In conclusion, you have spent approximately 18 years getting ready for your son or daughter to go off to college. The right car or truck is simply a tool for them to do, what you have always known they could. For further assistance, contact a local used truck dealer, such as Auto Max.