Two Discounts To Ask For When Buying Your Next Car

Haggling with an auto dealership salesperson is a tried and true method of saving money on a vehicle. However, there are simpler ways to get the salesperson to trim a few hundred dollars off the sticker price. Namely, many dealerships offer programs where you can get a discount off the price of a car or truck if you qualify. Here are two you should ask for when purchasing your next vehicle.

College Graduate Discount

After laboring four or more years to classes and over homework, getting your college degree is a reward unto itself. However, many dealerships will also reward you for your hard work by giving you a discount on a vehicle you purchase from their lots. Chances are good you may not be making a lot of money when you finally leave school, so receiving this kind of discount can make your car or truck much more affordable.

To get this discount, you must generally be a recent college graduate. For instance, some dealerships require you to have graduated from school within the previous 24 months from an accredited college, university, graduate, or trade school, and you must be able to furnish proof (e.g. transcripts). Some even offer special financing for graduates, which can help you start building your credit if you haven't already done so.

You can get up to $1,000 off the purchase price of the vehicle. Be aware, though, the dealership may restrict the type of car you can get the discount on. For instance, the discount may only be available on new cars. Be sure to read the offer's fine print so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Military Discount

Whether you are currently on active duty or have already served your time, many dealerships offer vehicle discounts to military folks to show their appreciation for those people's service. The nice thing about this particular discount is it may be available from the dealership and the manufacturer, so there's an opportunity to stack discounts to bring the cost of the vehicle down even further.

Like with the college discount, you'll need to show proof of your military service, such as your identification or enlistment papers. You may also be required to have served within a certain period of time. General Motors gives discounts to veterans discharged within the previous 12 months, for instance. The amount of money you can save varies from $400 to $1,000 or more.

To learn more about these or other discount programs that can reduce the cost of a new or used Suburu WRX, contact a dealership in your area.