Standard Vs. OEM Vs. After-Market: Do You Know What Comes with That Truck?

Trucks for sale are worth your time perusing, but do you know what comes standard on a truck these days? How about any OEM parts? Can you tell the difference between a truck that was custom-ordered and custom-built and then never sold or used? Here are some pointers so that you know what extras, if any, you are getting on a truck you find on the dealership's lot. 

What Is Standard?

Regardless of the make and model of truck, all trucks come with the ability to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive. CD players and MP3 or smartphone input jacks are also standard. Fog lights are still common in trucks because trucks are so high up above the road that fog tends to be a problem without the fog lamps. Programmable efficiency "tracks" and input jacks are also standard if you like to play around with those kinds of things. Anti-lock braking systems, all-weather tires, and cruise control are also standard. Touchscreen dashes are quickly becoming standard on all trucks as well. Some of the more expensive makes and m odels have the "heads-up" digital dash display. 

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, is a phrase that applies to parts made by the company that made a particular truck, except that these parts were taken from the OEM and built into other parts that were then installed in the truck. This is common practice for a lot of used trucks, so you should not be surprised if you see that used trucks do not have some totally original rebuilt parts in them or on them. 

What Are After-Market Parts?

These are "extras" that a previous owner wanted to be installed on a truck but do not come standard. They are entirely original parts sold by the manufacturer as "accessories." Sun/moon roofs on a truck, for example, would be an after-market part. Extended wing side rearview mirrors are often after-market installations because owners want to be able to see around the trailers or fifth-wheels they are pulling behind the trucks. Seat warmers and seat massagers are also after-market in most trucks because they are luxury accessories where trucks are concerned. Basically, anything extra you would buy to trick out your truck is an after-market part. You will be able to see which pre-owned and used trucks were outfitted with after-market parts by previous owners simply by looking at the bill of sale on the truck's window.